We are a community digital signage network. We install LED TV’s in locations such as restaurants, medical offices, waiting rooms, public spaces, etc. Our mission is simple:

  • To provide nonprofit organizations a free and effective way to advertise.
  • To create the most cost-effective advertising option available to local businesses.




Upgrade your chalkboards and engage your customers with social media alongside of your daily specials.


Give your patients something to look at in the waiting room other than soap operas and magazines.



Engage your audience while they are engaging the outdoors or watching their favorite local team.


Quality Displays

Just like your high end flat panel TV at home, they are full HD LED televisions. We customize the size of display from 32" to over 100" for each specific location.

While they may look like your TV at home, we use high quality commercial displays that are designed to provide consistent and reliable performance. Our team can remotely update content with our cloud based digital signage platform.

Quality Content

Local Community: A minimum of 25% of the content is reserved for local non-profits to advertise events and awareness free of charge.
Local Business: Local advertisers have a unique opportunity to reach engaged consumers through visual marketing content.
Local Partners: The local businesses that allow us to install the displays receive free internal ads for specials, events, and engaging social media feeds.

Quality Metrics

No more than 12 advertisers are placed on a single display. Ads loop with 10 seconds of visibility for each advertisement. Our average location runs 12 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Every 20 minutes your ad will be displayed 5 times. In one week your ad will be displayed 1,260 times. In one month your ad will be displayed 5,460 times. In a year of advertising, your ad will be displayed 65,520 times!



Partnering with Treasure Coast Vision allows you to support local non-profits. Whether you have prime real estate ready for a digital signage display, you are advertising with us, or you are looking at one of our displays, you are giving back to the Treasure Coast community.

If you are a local area non-profit and you are not already advertising your events and fundraisers, what are you waiting for? It's free!